Friday, 14 October 2011

Bergkamp:Arsenal missing an out-and-out goalscorer

Mornin all!
As we stated in our previous posts Arsenal lacked the exact tactics that we need to win off the games. The best thing to do when your defense is not reliable is to make the attack so solid that the defenders automatically defend with purpose.
Putting RVP alone in the enemy's territory is wasting him as Bergkamp said. Arsenal need a player right behind him. Both the wingers, Walcott and Gervinho have great pace, they can score to but they are not seasoned strikers. Walcott proclaims to be a striker but if we see his game he plays better off as a midfield winger who can attack from flank and cross in the ball for RVP to score. But that happens once in a blue moon. 
To fully utilize RVP if Wenger put Oxlade right his back or Park Chu young than that would double the potential of the captain. I'm amazed that Arsenal bought in Park Chu Young for him to rest in every game and wait for RVP to get injured and then he'll be getting his play call.
Not only RVP has to deal full line pressure, the recent link with Manchester City has further burdened the player. We do have our playmaker Arteta and Ramsey at the back but they are better off in the mid line. They are attacking midfielders but the problem his they are not strikers. And for finishing you need a striker.
Unless we do that we won't be seeing RVP reaching to his true potential which we direly need at this moment. Bergkamp is currently coaching a Dutch team. In his interview he also stated that he wanted to go to England and that he urged Vierra to go back to Emirates. It is really good to see that our old Gunners are trying to do something for us.
We believe in Wenger, I do and I know you all do but the loss of Fabregas and Nasri has left us so vulnerable that we are losing too much of a game. Our team is getting disbanded. With injuries on the rise and Sagna breaking his leg things are getting more dire. But one good new is that Diaby and Vermaelen will be available. Right now Vermaelen is the player we need the most. I would also say it again that Oxlade must be given a chance and a regular game in EPL he can perform so good and his recent form speaks itself.
The fans are surely getting tired of weekly loses. We are fully backing Arsenal but its time that Arsenal back us too and do something about their transfer policies. As a club you can not give the excuse of not having money. You are one of the elites of EPL and when you talk like this, all you do is make the fans more disappointed and lose their trust in the administration. 
All and all change has to come to Arsenal sooner than later and I would say change should be in the form of Wenger's thinking and tactics, Club management and transfer policies and finally in the form of performance on the field! 
Signing out, do tell me what do you think.

Arsenal vs Sunderland Preview

Things are looking not good for gunners. We are at 15th position now and we seriously need something great even to compete for first four positions otherwise it is good bye champion's league. About tommorow's game I made this video. Do comment guys thanks

Thursday, 29 September 2011

This Derby is Hell Important Gunners!

No more team criticism. Constructive, destructive, I don't care. Yes we have a long injury list. Yes, we have not won anything for 6 years. Yes, we are having our worst season. Yes, our star players are leaving with RVP trying to be latest on the list. Yes! everything is in worst shape at the club.
But what about what we have? what about what we are giving to this world? What about what we are contributing towards the premier league? towards the world football? towards the entertainment of a kid that is sitting thousand miles in another part of the world and all?
Sorry guys just wanna put something emotional to get you moving for the game! and it is on guys! We are going to White Hart Lane to fight some strong contestants. The Spurs, well this team does reminds us a lot about last year's misery match. Yup winning 2-0 than lost 3-2 and that is in Emirates. So its really on this time. It all depends upon whether our side got the fire of revenge in themselves or whether the Spurs will yet again be looking to create some more mess for the Gunners and put their revival chain back in the bucket.
It all depends on this weekend's match peeps. Arsenal would be looking to enter in to the first 10 if they get to win this one while Spurs will be looking to push them more back in to the table.

Possible Line ups:
Kocielny is injured so he won;t be playing probably but we have to wait and see that. Song will be playing and Arshavin would be coming afterwards. But what I want to see is that guy Oxlade playing along side RVP. He deserved that!

I am sure Wenger won't give Oxlade the start but he must do that no matter what. The guy got so good finishing , the thing that our team lacked for so many years. Playing beautifully won't matter unless you finish beautifully. Wenger is a beauty lover being a French :p Fergi is a Basher being a Scottish. Don't know about the rest. But this is not art. Our boss must understand and play Oxlade right from the front. I forgot Song in the formation :p so sorry guys. Actually this is what I want the team to look like. Yes we can substitute Song in after getting a good start or an early goal. Or we could play Song first then bring in Arshavin later. Attacking is important in this game.
Spurs won't be giving too many chances. Their attack is strong. If we relied on our back than we are getting pounded. The game will include many scores because both the teams got poor defense to be honest. And the game will be deicided on whose defense will play better on the day. Obviously we want Arsenal's but its White Hart Lane so lets just not get ahead of ourselves.
Player to Watch:
The contest will be a competitive one. I am sure of this. Gunners could struggle in the beginning. Arteta should  seriously step more up in this game. This is the real test of Arsenals new signings now. I don't think Bale would pose a lot of problem having Sagna to control him. And Sagna is our best defender at the moment. Van Persie is looking dangerous now. His moral will be way up after the last game but will he be able to ignite the fire, we will have to wait and see that.
Now the guy we should be afraid of is that Chelsea prospect Modric. He is unpredictable when he attacks. That not it , we got a new threat as well, the X gunner will be looking to prove himself to Wenger what he had lost. And his current form could pose him a threat. Kocielny defending against Defoe? well that is a big gamble but what can we do we don't have any one else :p On the other hand Kocielny might not be playing due to injury. If that happened than I wonder what will happen. Squillachi is also out by the way. Arsene would probably be playing his third choice but we will have to see that. Szczesny will have to be a lot more alert this time. He should keep up his consistency. But I feel bad for this guy for not having a solid defense in front of him masks a lot of his potential.
So in short the players to watch are from importance wise in the game:
Van Persie
Oxlade Chamberlain

My Prediction: Well I see a draw here or a Gunner win but most probably it could be 2-2 draw. With Spurs leading and Arsenal getting late equalizer. I RVP and Adebayour scoring for sure in this game. Would be waiting for your comments people. We will be live on the blog during the game for in game discussion. Do join us!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

This is the team I want! What do you think?

I seriously expect this line up next year when we will be getting our show stoppers back. We must also get Cahill because to be honest Mertesacker, yes a good defender but he needs time to settle at Arsenal and we need trophies. This wait looks never ending the way we are dealing things. Any ways The 4-4-1-1 formation could provide a real good game play for the gunners. All we need is our injured players back, a new signing and our manager to realize that we need to change some tactics now!

Random stuff about Arsenal

Weekends for football! :p So, as I watch the CL game of Arsenal I would like to share some random thoughts of mine. Here we go.A good defense is a good offence (thanks to Wenger who taught me this). If I be a football club manager, the first thing I will do is I will buy some solid defense. To have a solid defense you don't need to be all powerful club. You can be down level club as they have many good defenders too. Then to reach the top you strengthen on wards to mid field till you make something brilliant. So lets see what we can make of Arsenal. How to improve it.
Ermm first thing off i'll get Cahill into the back line. SZ is a great goal keeper , all he needs is a good solid defense. Indeed its about defense for so many years now. Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with the club. Why do we never buy big names. Its a great thing to have a great youth system but why to rely totally on youth and screw the experience in the team. And then one day when you found yourself going down you do a quick marketing at the dead line day and bring in some new players. Of these transfers I only like Arteta's. The rest well they look the same as others to be honest.
Ohh there you go Olympiacos just hit the post. I'm watching the game as well. Pretty rough defensively. I wonder whats stops us from defending good. Things I feel that lack in us is a basic aim to win. Yup we lack our want to win every game we got at our hands. Its 1 am in night here in Pakistan. Football does gets you crazy. I could watch Arsenal for like constantly for hours. Its an addiction. A drug that does not have any harmful effects. Its random stuff people. I want to write about the game I am seeing but all I can get from the game is the same old Arsenal good at attack, good in possession, nightmare when it comes to defending.
You might have noticed that I have stopped writing matches review. The sole reason to this is after every game all I could feel is that our back is pathetic. Even a small gap in of the lines can disrupt your whole game plan and discipline of players.
It takes just one goal to decrease the moral by 70% (my own estimate). For us it is a bit higher. The latest news is that Arsenal will going to sign Gary Cahill in winter. Robin Van Persie, well the way he put down the contract talks, the guy must be thinking some thing and that some thing could not be all go for the club. And once he will leave we will blame the player and all. In an article I learned that if you want to stop something to happen you have to start something opposite to it. Arsenal hasn't even came out of the blow that was given to us by the Nasri's and Fab transfer that this news shattered the heart of many.
I wonder how its like to be a football manager. You got to control so many things. I would love to take over Arsenal lol. Would make my dream team out of it. I think all this is more than random things about Arsenal. So we will be coming off soon with better articles guys. goodnight! and I'm sure Gunners will snatch a victory , if not than I more than sure it would be our defense fault :p

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

That is why I'm a Gunner!

As a football fan, one imagines a lot when it comes to the team he is fan of. Now being a Gunner is not easy. You have to go through so many emotional obstacles that surviving them is not easy> Once you do survive all those emotional moments , full of lighting shocks and poundings in your heart than you come out to be a true gunner. We have seen the happiest moments as well as the worst.
For last 6 years things have been more towards the worse than good to be honest. But even the smallest victories seems to be like winning a cup and even the minor of the defeats have haunted us so bad that all of us got a permanent scar of that hurt. If I talk about last year than the moments, i faced a lightning jolt struck me were first of the Carling cup defeat. The last minute goal shattered not only Wilshere but also the millions of Arsenal fans around the glob. Personally I was abusing Kocielny a lot that day :p.
Next in my list is the defeat at the hands of Barca at Camp Nou. When we got the away goal their which was their own goal, I was dancing with life but when that little fellow Messi there and Xavi , and the way Barca attacked after that I was sure that it will be a matter of time now. But was praying so hard. Alas! it happened two goals in a matter of minutes and RVP getting a red. I found myself biting my nails of my hands at that moment and when the whistle blew, the whole world around me shattered.
Yes we have always been in to the group stages of Champions league for like many years now. UEFA matches bring a lot of enthusiasm in the fans because the best thing about them is that they are in a mid week and so no more boring week days. And things get even better when you see your team win!
Keeping aside the bad moments I also had a lot of "high above the skies" feelings, being a Gunner. The first one came when we defeated Barca at Emirates. Now that was a match worth watching! I was watching the match with my brother who is a die hard Man united fan and was making fun of our defense as how easily Barca pound us in our own home. My heart was burning at that moment but deep inside I knew he is right. After all we were being attacked every moment and had almost no possession. Watching the Barca take the lead, i didn't panic much because I knew that things will change. The way Arsenal's fan backed the team at Emirates that was worth watching. And it came in the second half RVP stunner. That was one of the best moments of my life! and I'm sure every Gunner in the world will be flying high like me at that moment. But the climax came afterwards when Nasri and Arshavin rolled forward. Classy finish by the Russian and my mind was blown off. That was the moment when tears came of ma eyes watching my team defeat the world champions. Few have had such moments in life. And i'm one of those lucky few.
The second high moment came when RVP struck again and this time it was against our biggest rivals the red Devils. Watching my brother mouth wide open when the goal came off was a sight worth millions lol. And i'm sure every Man united fan would be wondering that how can that be happening. Of course, we didn't get the trophy but it doesn't matter as long as you have moments like these.
So, being a Gunner is not easy, like Man u fans we don't get to celebrate trophies and wins and all. Yet we do get to back our club when it is down and that shows the real fan ship. For 6 years we are backing Arsenal. No doubt we have not won any thing during this time but this shows our real mettle and commitment towards our club and how much we owe Arsenal. We celebrate every single victory. We have the best moments as well as the worst but that is the best part as we get to enjoy the actual game of football. We get to criticize our club, watch deadline days extravaganzas. It all happens at Arsenal and nowhere else! and that is why